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The June 2008 VEAC is ready for your perusal.
June 10, 2008

Hello, Everyone!

Here are some of the new articles and crafts now available at Victorian Embroidery and Crafts. The list is a little long but make sure you read it all! There is a "freebie" I am giving away but only for a short time. Make sure you check it out.

What's New!

Here are a few articles you may find interesting:
  • Broderie Anglaise This embroidery style is also known as English Embroidery. It is beautiful work. There are a few pictures on this page to show you what it looks like and information on the stitches used. See Broderie Anglaise.

  • Feather Work This is a unique Victorian favorite. Besides learning where to get feathers and how to prepare them for craft work, there is even a craft or two if you would like to try this. See Victorian Feather Work.

  • Victorian Embroidery Frames - Here you can learn about the more common types of embroidery frames used during the Victorian era. An illustration of each makes the understanding of how they were used easier. Part 2 of this article discusses the "dressing" of the embroidery frame (putting fabric on the frame). How to frame different fabrics are discussed as well as how to make your own embroidery paste. I think you'll agree that today's fabric stabilizers are so much easier! See Victorian Embroidery Frames.

  • Back Stitch Embroidery - This is the simplest of all embroidery, using only one stitch - the Back Stitch. See Back Stitch Embroidery.
New crafts have been added.

  • Oval Picture Frame This craft has been added to the picture frame page. The instructions, published originally in 1902, have an illustration to help you choose an appropriate embroidery pattern. Check it out at Embroidered Oval Picture Frame.

  • Painted Victorian Mirror Painting on mirrors is another decorating idea given to us by the Victorians. See Ornamental Victorian Mirror.

  • Ladies' Crocheted Slippers - Here is another crochet pattern for Ladies' Crocheted Slippers. Ladies' Crocheted Slippers.

Other News

Just for you!

OK, here it is. If you remember, last month I said I was working on something that every Victorian woman wanted in her house. She would have probably wanted one in almost every room. Did you guess what I was talking about? I was referring to a Match Scratcher! It seemed that people would use whatever was convenient to strike a match to light the lamps or fires. This played havoc on the walls and furniture. Match Scratchers came to the aid of women trying to preserve the looks of their beautifully appointed rooms.

This is my first attempt at taking a very, very small grayscale picture and recreating it in color and in the right size to be used as a craft. I think it came out well. I'd like you have this for Free as a Thank You for being a subscriber. It is a quick and easy project to do. But, as always, there is a catch! If you want it, you must download it by June 22nd. After that it will be available for purchase only. So get it NOW! It is downloadable as a PDF and has all the graphics, templates and instructions you will need. Here's where to get it -

Victorian Match Scratcher.

Download it now so you don't forget!


I will have three books available within two weeks that I think you'll really like. I'm still working on shipping strategies to countries outside the USA. When that is all figured out, I'll let you know.

And....Last, But Not Least

I have been working hard finding organizations, classes, etc. for embroidery, knitting, crochet, and other Victorian style crafts. I have a list started, however, not many sites are listed yet. It is my policy not to link to sites without the owner's permission. I am still waiting for responses from those I have written and will continue to contact others. Sometimes it takes a little time, so keep checking back often as I'm sure the list will begin to grow rapidly.

If you know of, or can recommend, someone, a group, business, etc. that teaches embroidery, knitting, crochet or any other type craft that Victorian ladies' would have enjoyed, please let me know.

To send any information you would like to share, just E-mail me. Keep the questions, comments and answers coming. I love hearing from you.

That's it for this month's e-zine. I hope you find something of interest to you.

With warm regards,


P.S. - If clicking on a link does not take you to the appropriate page, please cut and paste the link (be sure to get all of it) into your browser. This sometimes happens when the links print on two separate lines in an e-mail.
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