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What's New at VEAC?
June 28, 2011

Hope You Enjoy!


Here are the newest items added to Victorian Embroidery and Crafts. Hope you enjoy!

Chimney boards were used by Victorian ladies to hide the fireplace opening when not in use. They ranged for very simple to very intricate. Here are a few ideas to use to add beauty to yours.
Chimney Boards.

Here is another type of patchwork - one you probably don't see too often.
Kid Patchwork.

A Burnt Match Holder? For real? Most definitely! And easy to make. This item is as useful as it was during the Victorian era. Where else would you safely put a hot, burned out match after using it? A Victorian Burnt Match Holder.

Button work mats are the perfect Victorian mats to make because they are so easy to do, can be made to fit any size table, and take no time to finish. Here are a number of patterns to try. Make Your Own Beautiful Button Work Table Mat.


No Recommendations for Parasol Repairs?

No one has responded to the request by a VEAC reader for any recommendations on where to get her parasol fixed. Anyone? I'll pass it on to her as well as post it next month for those of you who may want the information also.


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