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What's New at VEAC?
June 08, 2011

Hope You Enjoy!


Wow! We went from a cold, wet Spring right into a very hot Summer! Not that I'm complaining. I love seeing all the beautiful colors of the trees and flowers. Many of us have found ourselves outside planting and enjoying the sunshine instead of embroidering, crocheting and other Victorian style things. That's a great thing. Everyone should stop and smell the roses whenever they can. They are gone long before you are ready for them to be!

Here are a few new things that have been added to the site recently. I hope you enjoy!

Decorating with decals is something most of us know about. They are made to be easily transfer to an object and make a mundate item look great. Victorian did the same thing except they had to work at it a little more than we do today. Here is more information on the Victorian art of Decalcomanie.
All About Victorian Decalcomanie.

Almost everyone loves one form or another of patchwork. You will find some instructions on embroidered patchwork here:
Embroidered Patchwork.

Victorian women loved book covers. They were not only useful - they kept important books nice and clean - but also gave women another place to show off their best embroidery skills. You'll find instructions on how to make your very own book cover for one of your favorite books here!
Make Your Own Victorian Book Covers.

What Victorian woman did not have at least a few embroidered centerpieces to display on her tables? Here is a round centerpiece you will find quite lovely. Create a Beautiful Round Centerpiece.


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