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Here is your June #1 ezine
June 09, 2009

More New Items Just For You

I Hope Everyone is Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Right now, the weather has been perfect. A few storms here and there but I can't complain. It's keeping the garden and flowers watered and looking vibrant. I have been spending more time outside with my new herb and vegetable garden than doing any embroidery or crafts. Of course, now with all these herbs, I need to find crafts to use them in. I know Victorian ladies did. You can be sure you'll be seeing some herbal crafts showing up in the fall.

I hope you take the time to stop and really enjoy the beauty around you, even if it's just for a few minutes. It will brighten your day, I promise!

Some New Items Added This Month

I have been asked for some information on Cut Work a many occassions. If you are interested in Cut Work, I'm sure you'll find this Cut Work Article interesting. More information on this subject will be added to the site soon

Victorian Crafts.

I found a wonderfully easy Victorian Hand Bag, c. 1887, pattern that I thought you would enjoy. The instructions are easy to follow and the size is up to you. You can make it as decorative or plain as you like. Be sure to check it out: Victorian Hand Bag

Thatís it for now.

With warm regards,


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