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The July VEAC is ready for your perusal.
July 11, 2007

Information Overload — Almost

I have found massive amounts of information that I will be making available to you soon. It takes a while to format and scan the pictures but be assured you will be able to find something new every other day or so.

It may have been noticed that recently most of the “freebies” have been crocheted or knitted items. I will continue to publish a number of these patterns in the coming weeks for both crocheting and knitting but I will be also adding other items to make that incorporate embroidery, etc. Some of the crafts that I do have for embroidery have the instructions but not the pattern that is usually shown in an illustration. I will provide the information as well as the illustration just as it was originally written. In the future I hope to be able to provide patterns for both the item and the embroidery design.

Another major project in the works is providing current DMC floss colors for the projects I have already made available as well as all new embroidery items. None of the color numbers used during Victorian times correspond with floss numbers currently available. This may take a while but I believe it will be a help to anyone who wants to reproduce a vintage item accurately. Once the numbers are converted to DMC, I will convert them to other well-known embroidery floss manufacturers. Please be patient – this could take a while.

What's New!

The following information has been added to the site since the last newsletter.
  • How to Embroider the Chrysanthemum. Here you will find directions for the proper way to embroider the Chrysanthemum with the spiky petals.
  • Ten embroidery stitches have been added. These have directions as well as illustrations. Check them out. You may find one that is just right for your next project. These stitches are as follows: Beading, Queen Anne, Pattern Darning, Seed, Overcast, Raised Overcast, Bulgarian, Twisted Outline, Split, and Holbein.
To learn more about any of them, see Embroidery Stitches.

Other New Items

Crocheted Bag — The instructions you will find here are for a wonderful crocheted bag or purse. An illustration is provided to show you what the finished item will look like. Crocheted Bag.

Crocheted Workbag — The name is deceiving! This is a beautiful crocheted bag that would make a great addition to any purse collection. See Crocheted Workbag.

Princess Bedroom Slippers. The name is derived from the “Princess” line of perl cotton used at that time. Take a look! Princess Crocheted Bedroom Slippers.

And last but not least, information about two different types of embroidery. Here you will find information about Bulgarian embroidery and it’s distinctive look. Ever hear of Jewel embroidery? To learn more see Types of Embroidery.

Requests and Responses

I have received two requests this month asking for help locating specific items. If anyone knows of a good supplier, please let me know and I’ll pass the information on to the one who asked as well as publish it in next month’s e-zine for anyone else who may want the answer.

Question #1.

Do you know where I could buy a sampler of the saying “Ghosts and Goolies that go bump in the night” etc. I think it is to be embroidered in redwork. I want to do the embroidery myself.

Question #2.

I am trying to find a pattern for wall decor plates. Each plate has either a gent, lady or child (boy & girl) separately on each plate. They are cut out of felt & fabric and usually are done to depict each family member, dad, mom, sons or daughters. I have seen them on the walls of my friend’s homes, but no one knows where the pattern came from and I would really love to find one. I hope you help me locate this pattern.

From her description, I thought she might be talking about the silhouettes of figures usually done in black. I have seen them framed but not on plates. I suggested she go to Dover Publications. They have books on the subject although I don’t know of any specific title. I have not heard from her to know if this was what she was referring to. Does anyone have any information they would like to pass along to her?

To send any information you would like to share, just E-mail me.

To all of you who live in the USA – I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. My home town put on an amazing fireworks display. Luckily, I can see most of them without even leaving my home. Sure beats fighting the crowd!

Until next time,


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