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New and Improved!
July 22, 2013

It Has Been Way Too Long


July, 2013, Issue 1

It's been a REALLY long time since I sent an email to you ... well over a year. It’s been a rough year or so for my family and me, however I am back and working hard to improve the site. If you haven’t visited recently, you’ll find a brand new look! Yes, I decided to update and refresh the site. I hope you like it!

I have taken many of the suggestions of those who have written me and have tried to incorporate them. It may take some time to get the entire site into the new format but I will be working hard to get it done as soon as possible.

I am in the midst of rewriting articles, deleting some, and adding new content, too, such as Victorian Bookmarks. They are easy to make and it is never too early to think of Christmas gifts! :-)

Oh, and speaking of Christmas, I need to share! My daughter is expecting a Christmas baby! I am SO excited. Why is it when it comes to getting things done before Christmas – shopping, gift making, baking, etc., the holiday is here before you know it but it can seem SO far away when you are expecting a bundle of joy? I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa!

I have a lot to keep me busy though…. continued make-over of the site plus plenty of exciting new information and crafts to add. This promises to be a very busy (but happy) time!

Thank you for subscribing to VEAC. I appreciate each and every one of you.

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Until next time,

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