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What's New at VEAC?
July 14, 2010

Something New for You!


There have been new additions to Victorian Embroidery and Crafts. I hope you enjoy!

The Tree Stitch - The Tree Stitch is used to give the appearance of rough bark. Though it is made using a common stitch, it IS used in a unique Way. See if you agree. Tree Stitch.


Victorian Embroidery - Many times when we see Victorian embroidered items, we often think about how talented or inventive Victorian women were with their needle. You might be surprised to find that women of that time were often criticized about their handiwork. Here is an article by May Morris (and Who is May Morris?) and her thoughts on Embroidery of her era.

And again ... THANK YOU

Thank you to all of you who have taken the survey. It has been very interesting. I will post the results at the end of July so you will know how others answered.

To those of you who have posted something in the Comments section: I have responded to many of those who have left comments and will continue to do so. If you haven't received an answer from me yet, you will soon.

If You Haven't Completed the Survey...

Please do. It contains a few common questions I am often asked as well as questions about what you think will make Victorian Embroidery and Crafts a better site. It will take only a minute or two to complete it. At the end of July I will post the results for all to see. Of course, no personal information will be revealed so you don't have to worry about your name being published. As a matter of fact, I am only asking for a first name, just in case you have requested I contact you.

Your comments, constructive criticisms (yes, even those), and suggestions are very important to me.
Your Opinion Counts!

That's it for this newsletter. You can expect another email from me in a week or so with more new and free content.

Until next time....

With warmest regards,


P.S. - If clicking on a link does not take you to the appropriate page, please cut and paste the link (be sure to get all of it) into your browser. This sometimes happens when the links print on two separate lines in an e-mail.
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