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Here is your February #2 ezine
February 22, 2009

New Items Just For You


As I had stated previously, I am sending the ezine out twice a month. So.... Ta Da! Here's the second VEAC issue for February. I'm sure you'll find something interesting here.

A Few New Stitches

Point de Riz Stitch – This stitch is sometimes called the Rice Stitch. When you check this out, you can see how this stitch works so well with other stitches. The sample shows it used in an Au Passé pattern.

You can find this and others not listed here on the Embroidery Stitches page.

Types of Embroidery

Oriental Embroidery - With so many types of embroidery having multiple names, it can get confusing. Here is information on Oriental Embroidery and all that is included in this class of embroidery. Oriental Embroidery .

Raised Embroidery - This type of embroidery includes more variations than what you might think. Here are three totally different styles.
  • Embroidering over something like cotton wadding.

  • Using a plush stitch and trimming it after completion of the embroidery to give it a luxurious, full look.

  • Using fine wire mesh in your embroidery. Yes! That’s correct. It is yet another type of Raised Embroidery.

  • Ribbon Embroidery. Ribbon embroidery is indeed classified as a Raised Embroidery. Thank goodness, unlike in the Victorian era, you don’t have to be one of the “elite and very wealthy” to enjoy this craft today.
I think you will find these interesting. I got so carried away with the topic you have more coming soon. Those Victorian women were VERY ingenious! Read all about them, here: Raised Embroidery

A New Craft

Babies. How they bring such joy… until you want to get a gift for the little one. You search and search but can’t find anything “different.” Well, here’s the answer to that problem. This little gift can be made quickly and easily AND it can be customized to what YOU want to include. Check it out. Victorian Baby Gift .

Crochet Pattern

Here is a crocheted trim that would be perfect for so many things. Besides being decorative on its own, it was designed for tassels to be added to it. (Note: the illustration shows the crocheted trim without the tassels. In the body of the instructions it tells where they should be attached.) An illustration as well as directions for both the trim AND the tassels can be found here: Crochet Tassel Trim .

Thank You!

I would like a moment here to thank everyone who has written to me telling me how much they like the site. It is always heart warming to know that others are enjoying it. Also, thanks to everyone who has written in with suggestions on how to make the site better. I appreciate it very much.

- - - - -

That's it for this newsletter. You can expect another email from me the first week of March with a lot of new and free content.

Until next time....


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