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February 10, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!


It is a few days early but I just wanted to wish each and every one of you a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Most of our Valentine's Day parties, if one is given, is usually low keyed. As a matter of fact, most Valentine's Day parties are parties of two, going out to dinner or some other romatic spot... unless you have children, then the day can be a lot noisier but equally heartwarming. I remember when my daughter would come home from school and proudly hand me the card she made. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. It was so sweet. How could I not have a special cake or cookies waiting for her when she got home? Of course, hubby enjoyed it too. I hope your day is as good as the many I have had.

Now the Victorians REALLY liked to do a party right. And St. Valentine's Day was no different. They pulled out all the stops when it came to planning and hosting a unique party for this holiday. Check out this unique St. Valentine's Day party from 1896.

A Few New Crafts

A Watch Pocket - a very useful novelty – This Dreden watch pocket was actually sold as a kit in 1904. Although no longer available, the directions here are easily followed. It would make a nice addition to your Victorian vanity or dresser display.

Two Embroidered Tea Cozy Designs - Victorian ladies would never have less than two different tea cosies. These embroidered tea cozy designs were published in 1889. Either design would be make a lovely addition to your Victorian tea table.

Cone Work Basket - The Victorians were well known for making decorative items out of everyday things. Cone work was popular because pine cones were readily available and FREE! (They liked "free" as much as we do now. Some things never change!) Here are directions on making your own Cone Work basket.

Have You Tried This?

Sabrina work is a variety of Appliqué work. See why Sabrina Work became so popular with Victorian ladies.

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That's it for this newsletter. You can expect another email from me soon with a lot of new and free content.

Until next time....

With warmest regards,

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