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February 03, 2011

Valentine's Day Is Almost Here!


Valentine's Day is almost here. I love Valentine's Day ... I guess I am an old romantic, but that's okay. I must truly be a Victorian at heart because Victorians, the romantics that they were, loved this holiday, too. They made, sent, and received Valentines as well as held wonderful Valentine's Day parties. These parties included games, scrumptious Valentine inspired food, and a Valentine exchange. How about hosting a Victorian Valentine's Day party for your friends? Here's how.

How to Make a Victorian Valentine will show you how Victorian ladies of the 1860's made their own valentines instead of buying them in a shop. There are a number of different methods. Even though some of the craft items used are no longer available, today's craft shops have an abundance of substitutes you can use.

How to Celebrate a Victorian Valentine's Day will not only explain how the holiday as we know it came about but how to celebrate Valentine's Day like it was 1900. Let the games begin!

Of course, every party needs to have food! A Victorian Valentine's Day Party Menu offers suggestions on what to offer your guests as refreshements.

After refreshments, why not play a few more games to keep the party lively or maybe you would prefer to substite one or more of these for other games suggested earlier. More Valentine's Day Games will help you out.

And of course, THE reason for the party ... the exchange of Valentines. There are so many unique ways to accomplish this and this Victorian Valentine Exchange page will show you how.

Now for you that want to keep busy AND warm, how about making a Knitted Quilt for a Bassinet? I'm sure you can fine someone that would love to have one to snuggle their baby in.

There has been an interest in different types of Victorian caps. Here are a few more that may be of interest to you.

Next week I'll have more Victorian Valentine information coming your direction! PLUS, a lot more!


That's it for this newsletter. You can expect another email from me very soon with more new and free Victorian content.

Until next time....

With warmest regards,


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