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Update from Victorian Embroidery and Crafts
February 09, 2009

New Items Just For You

Hi, Everyone.

I hope everyone here in the USA has been able to stay warm. We have been hit with an unusual amount of snow and ice. Luckily, we are suppose to have a warmer week ahead of us. Im sure looking forward to it.

Here is your February ezine.

A Few New Stitches

Irish Stitch This stitch is a very easy stitch but can make quite an impact on your project.

You can find this and others not listed here on the Embroidery Stitches page.

Types of Embroidery

Indian Floss Silk Embroidery is work executed on black or white net using white or colored floss. Although easy to do, it should only be applied to lightly used items. It could easily be used on a number of different craft projects. Check it out here: Indian Floss Silk Embroidery .

Victorian Decor

We all know the importance draperies make in a room. They can make a room look elegant, casual, and even unfinished. During the Victorian era, there were many different drapery fads some very full and fussy and some very minimalistic and, although the minimalistic look took hold in decorating the interior of a room, it seldom included the rooms drapery. Most Victorian women clung to the rich, full draperies of the past. Here you will find three pages dedicated to draperies (or curtains, as they were often called back then). I am sure you will find something that will enhance the look of any Victorian style room.

Victorian Draperies, Part 1

Draperies, Part 2

Draperies, Part 3.

Also, you will find some information on Portieres. These were draperies, of sorts, that hung in doorways, either to decorate, keep out drafts, or both. Add a portiere to your home and you instantly add Victorian flair!
Victorian Portieres

A New Craft

Here is an authentic pattern for a piano cover that is very simple to do. If you don't need a piano stool cover, this design has many different uses. What will you use it for? Check this Piano Cover Pattern out.

Until next time....


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