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2 Special Gifts Just For You from Victorian Embroidery and Crafts
December 17, 2008

The Holidays are Drawing Near

Christmas is a very busy season for everyone. Since time is at a premium for everyone, I have decided to make this monthís ezine short and sweet. Make sure you read this so you don't miss out on your Special Holiday Gifts.

Here are some of the new articles and crafts now available at Victorian Embroidery and Crafts.

What's New!

  • Seed embroidery. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Not well know in any country but Germany, it required a great deal of time and ingenuity.

To learn more, see Seed Embroidery.

New Stitches that have been added.

Here are a few stitches that have been added
  • Alphabet
  • Fish scale stitch
  • Loop stitch
Check them out at Embroidery Stitches.


Here are a couple of crafts you may enjoy if you knit or crochet:

  • Tulip Wreath Flower Vase Mat. This knitting project makes a beautiful doily or mat. The tulips can be made in any color to coordinate with your room.

    To learn more, see Tulip Wreath Flower Vase Mat.

  • Twine Bag. This bag can be knitted or crocheted. It would be great for any kind of twine, ribbon, or such items.

    To learn more, see Twine Bag.

Christmas Special

Two Christmas Presents
Just for You!!

Here, in an easy to read and print format, is the book Christmas Entertainments, written by Alice M. Kellogg and edited by Mary Schlueter, containing Fancy Drills, Acrostics, Motion Songs, Tableaux, Short Plays, Recitations in Costume for Children of Five to Fifteen Years.

I think you will find this book very enjoyable no matter what your age.


Here is an EXCLUSIVE from Victorian Embroidery and Crafts:

Make Yours A Victorian Christmas

This book is a collection of Victorian Christmas Decorating ideas from 1893 plus gift giving ideas (and instructions) from 1894 for those very important people in your life.

This is F.R.E.E. to YOU ONLY!

To get your free copies, go to this password protected page. The Password you need to remember to get this gift is: December

On December 26, 2008, this offer will be no longer available. Get it while you can. Iím sure you will enjoy it.


For those of you who have written to me asking questions or making requests:

Please bear with me. I have not had time to reply to most of you who have written in with requests or questions. Both of my parents are very ill and I have spent most of the last month taking care of their medical situations. I will reply to each and every person who has written but it may still be a while before hearing from me. I will try to answer those who have time sensitive questions/requests first. I am so sorry for the delays and I ask for your understanding and patience.


Merry Christmas to all of you and may each and every one of you have a safe and wonderful holiday season. May the New Year bring only the best to you!

With warm regards,


P.S. - If clicking on a link does not take you to the appropriate page, please cut and paste the link (be sure to get all of it) into your browser. This sometimes happens when the links print on two separate lines in an e-mail.
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