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Do You Know An Organization That Can Use This?
August 23, 2013

August is Almost Over???

I can't believe August is almost over! This summer has flown by. We have had phenomenal weather where I live. I have been taking as much time as I can to enjoy it. I hope you have done the same!

She Really Wants to Donate But....

I received a email from Cathy and this is what she wrote:

“I live in NY and have a printer paper box full of gorgeous counted cross stitch projects complete with thread, hoops, thread caddies, etc. I'm looking for ideas on where to donate them to a good cause and am hoping you may have some suggestions.”

She has contacted homeless shelters and nursing homes but none have replied. Do you have any suggestions for her? I think it is so generous that she is thinking of others and willing to pass these items along! I gave her a few ideas that came to my mind and thought maybe you’d like to help her out with your ideas. You can contact her at: free_spirit at (Please note: when you type the address the word “at” needs to be replaced with the @ and there are no spaces before or after it. I had to write it that way so spammers who use programs to find email addresses didn’t find it and fill her email with junk mail.) Thank you for taking time to do this!

Getting There, One Page at a Time!

I am still working to get all the pages changed over to the new format, rewriting, deleting, finding mistakes (Yikes!) and correcting those. As I came across some of the pages, I would get the urge to try some crafts (the fast and easy ones) as I didn’t want to take too much time away from getting VEAC completed … but sometimes I just couldn’t resist.

The following are a few things that you might be interested in. None of them took a tremendous amount of time… usually quite the opposite. I admit I know if I had taken more time and not rushed myself, they would have turned out better but I’m not unhappy with them.

If you decide to make any of them, please take some pictures and share your results. I am sure those of you who are crafters will make mine look quite amateurish but I’m willing to look that way if you’re willing to share!

Ok… here they are:

Yum-Yum Catchall. Yes! That is really the name of it!

Burnt Match Holder. I can use a lot of these, especially around Christmas time!

Photograph Holder. Next time I do this, I will use a different fabric and ribbon. It definitely does the job and was easy to make.

And last but not least:

Cardboard Fretwork Flowerpot Cover. Of all the crafts listed here, this took some time… and very sharp knives. My knives were not very sharp and made the cutting difficult. Now that I have some new blades, I would like to try another design or two.

That it for now. I hope you enjoy the crafts. New projects, patterns and designs are coming soon! I am working on them now.

Thank you for subscribing to VEAC. I appreciate each and every one of you.

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