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What's New at VEAC?
August 05, 2010

Something New for You!


It's August already! Can you believe it? Where does the time go?

Here are some new additions to Victorian Embroidery and Crafts. I hope you enjoy!

New Stitches

The following two stitches have names that accurately describe them.

Ship Ladder Stitch - This stitch looks exactly like its name implies - well, not TODAY'S ship ladders but those of the Victorian era. You may find this stitch nice when you want to add a little something different to your embroidery project.

For more information, see Ship Ladder Stitch.

Raised Rope Outline - This stitch also looks exactly like its name implies. It's a great stitch to use to add some raised effects in your embroidery.

For more information, see Raised Rope Outline Stitch.

Special Design

Many of you wrote saying you would like more embroidery designs. Here is one you're sure to love. Although this is used as a centerpiece here, the Morning Glory design would look lovely on sorts of embroidery.

Check this out: Morning Glory Centerpiece.


That's it for this newsletter. You can expect another email from me in a week or so with more new and free content.

Until next time....

With warmest regards,


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