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Victorian Embroidery and Crafts April Newsletter
April 06, 2007

And Just When You Thought Spring Was Here . . .

Hi, Everyone!

The last week or so our part of the country has enjoyed some above average WARM weather. Not a day too soon for me. People were out in shorts and summer shirts, lawns were being mowed, and best yet, flowers were blooming! Although I donít have many flowers in my yard at this time (restoration inside and out takes a toll on your yard, Iím sorry to say), I did have a few daffodils bloom and have some beautiful reddish orange tulips opening up. Trees are starting to bud Ö.. and now itís happening. The cold is coming back. Below freezing weather is expected for about a week. I guess Iíll just have to work doubly hard to try and bring you some information that might enjoy just to keep my mind off the cold! ;-)

Again I have listed all the sections of Beetonís Book of Embroidery that have been published. I am making the last section, Part 6, available this month. If you havenít downloaded any part that you want yet, you may want to do so. Next month, the links will not longer be published.

So, without further ado Ö..

What's New!

Beetonís Book of Embroidery, Part 6 is available now. This section of the book deals with Knitting and Netting, including Lace Edging.

You can download Part 6 here:

Beeton's Book of Embroidery, Part 6

You will find in this section patterns for a:
  • Purse
  • Booties
  • Shawl or two
  • Knitted Quilt
  • Knee Warmers
  • And more.

Be sure to check it out. Even if you donít knit, the pictures give you an idea of what Victorian ladies made and wore at that time.

As I mentioned before, this will be the last month that links to all 6 parts of Beetonís Book of Embroidery will be listed here. Be sure to download any, or all, that you may not have.

These links will take you to each section so you can download them:

Beeton Part 1 and 2

Beeton Part 3

Beeton Part 4

Beeton Part 5

The e-books are in pdf form. You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open and read the e-books. You can get Adobe Reader (it's free) at

Other new items

I have added some information on a few types of Embroidery that you may or may not know about. As these are a little different than other normal embroidery stitches, I have made a special class of their own call Special Designs. Check them out. Youíll see what I mean.

Nothing Says Summer Like Strawberries!

Add the touch of summer to any embroidery project. Here you will find an illustrations, a color plate, as well as the exact stitches, to make realistic strawberries with leaves. It gives helpful hints to make sure your project comes out almost good to eat!

The Beautiful Sweet Pea.

Love embroidery? Love Roses? Have the best of both worlds. Here is a rose to add to your embroidery repertoire.

The Coronation Rose

And finally, two more embroidery stitches are described and illustrated. One being the Brier Stitch. It is also known by a few other names. To find out which ones, see

Brier Stitch. Also, learn the doís and doníts of the Wound Stitch, more commonly known as the French Knot.

French Knot

A Request

An embroiderer asked for some specific information on the cable plait embroidery stitch. It is used in Mountmellick Embroidery. Although many of my books mention the stitch, the illustration that goes with the instructions are not as clear has I would like. If any of you have anything you could provide (it must be yours, not under the copyright of someone else), I would be glad to pass it on to her and post it here, giving you credit, of course. To send any information you would like to share, just E-mail me.

Donít forget, if you have made any of the items listed on the site and would like to share the results with others, let me know. I, along with others on this list, would love to see what you are doing.

That's it for this month's newsletter.

Until next time,

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