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Needle-Craft: Artistic and Practical

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This book needs no hyped-up sales letter so if that is what you were expecting, you will be disappointed. A book like this does not need a long or fancy sales page. Simply put, this is a fantastic book that anyone who loves needlework will want to own.

Needle-Craft:Artistic and Practical is a beautiful book in which this Fascinating ART in Clearly and Completely Described and Illustrated, Full Attention being given to every Department of Needle-Work in vogue in the 1890's.

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This Book Contains Hundreds of Engravings,with FULL INSTRUCTIONS for their reproduction and VALUABLE HINTS regarding the MANNER OF WORK and most Suitable MATERIALS.

As you can see, Needle-Craft:Artistic and Practical will prove Invaluable both to the Amateur Needlewoman and to the Practical Maker of Fancy Articles.

All 277 pages are jammed packed with wonderful Victorian needlework. In addition to the 277 needlework pages, it also has some wonderful advertisements included!

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Chapters included are:
  • Chapter 1: What is Artistic Needle-Work?
  • Chapter 2: Materials for Artistic Needle-Work
  • Chapter 3: South-Kensington Needle-Work Stitches
  • Chapter 4: Embroidered Doily, and Embroidery Designs for Set of Doilies
  • Chapter 5: Tray-Cover, and Embroidery Designs for its Corners

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  • Chapter 6: Ornamental Doily, and Embroidery Designs for a Set of Twelve
  • Chapter 7: Outline Embroidery Designs
  • Chapter 8: Sprays of Pinks in Correct Sizes for Embroidering
  • Chapter 9: Designs Showing Various Embroidery Stitches
  • Chapter 10: Embroidery Designs, Especially Adapted to The Decoration of Articles of Dress

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  • Chapter 11: Designs Adapted to Kensington Embroidery or Painting
  • Chapter 12: Illustrations and Descriptions of Various Designs for Canvas, Cardboard and Other Embroideries
  • Chapter 13: Specimens of Lace and Method of Making
  • Chapter 14: Edging and Insertion of Darned Net and Fancy Tidy
  • Chapter 15: Fringes and Their Construction

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  • Chapter 16: Ornamental Portieres
  • Chapter 17: Mantel Lambrequins and Draperies
  • Chapter 18: Window Draperies
  • Chapter 19: Tables and Table Scarfs
  • Chapter 20: Fancy Scarf with Crazy Embroidery, Group of Fancy Stitches

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  • Chapter 21: Alphabets for Marking
  • Chapter 22: Ornamental Receptacles
  • Chapter 23: Receptacles for Shoes, Umbrellas and Canes
  • Chapter 24: Infant’s Carriage-Pillow and Blanket
  • Chapter 25: Fancy-Work Aprons

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  • Chapter 26: Sofa Pillows and Cushions
  • Chapter 27: Tidies and Fancy Mats
  • Chapter 28: Fancy Towels and Splashers
  • Chapter 29: Fancy Pillow and Sheet Covers, Gowns and Gown Cases
  • Chapter 30: Fancy Bags
  • Chapter 31: Fancy and Useful Articles Suitable for Gifts to Gentlemen
  • Chapter 32: Method of Making a Hammock or Tennis Net
  • Chapter 33: Applique Work

Here is just are just a few more of the over 300 graphics in the book.

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Needle-Craft:Artistic and Practical covers a wide array of needle-work. You are sure to find quite a few projects you will want to try.

The Price of Needle-Craft:Artistic and Practical is ONLY $19.47!

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It is in digital form, allowing you to print out the projects you want to work on. No need to try and keep your book propped open or hurting the spine of your antique book (if you can find!) to scan it to print out.

Another reason this digital book is so great is that you can always use your computer's "find" feature to find all references to a certain word or phrase; so if you can't remember where a project is, you can simply let the computer find it for you. It makes looking things up in a book so much easier than even the index!

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Order today! You'll be glad you did.

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ONLY $19.47!

This is a must have for any Victorian and/or Needlework lover!

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Buying Needle-Craft:Artistic and Practical is an easy decision! So many projects and only so much time! What willyou start with first?