An 1899 Christmas Gift
For a Lady

This 1899 Christmas gift was one that was popular to make as well as receive. Although it may not be as useful today for its original use, it still has many ways it can be used today. I am sure you can think of at least a few

1899 christmas gift - a handkerchief case

Easy Handkerchief Case

A pretty handkerchief-case is made of yellow woven straw, green satin ribbon, and quilted white satin. The bottom of the case (6 inch square) is of straw, bound with narrow green satin ribbon, and lined with the white quilted satin. Four pieces of straw 3 inches wide form the cover, two opposite pieces folding down under the two pieces on the other sides. These second pieces are strapped own by two green ribbons fastened together by a hook and eye under a large bow.

The pieces of straw forming the top and bottom of the case are joined to shirred green satin ribbon 3½ inches wide, which forms a puff, allowing space for the handkerchiefs. Pink ribbon may be substituted for green. The straw is pieces of floor matting, which can be purchased in all sorts of pretty artistic designs, and ribbons used to match. A liberal sprinkling of sachet powder in a thin layer of wadding is an important addition under the quilted silk.

This 1899 Christmas gift above was described in a Harper's Bazaar article of that year. I often wonder what Victorian ladies would have used had they had what is available today. They were not opposed to using the most up-to-date items available to help them achieve their mission.

I think binding straw mats would have been hard on the fingers so I think they would have opted for the glue gun ... or even heavy duty two-sided tape to adhere the binding to the straw mats. I have seen thin straw mats sold as place mats from time-to-time and think they would do nicely. Of course, if they were so inclined, they could also purchase pre-quilted white fabric also.

Hmmmm... makes me want to try that... someday, of course! My list of things "to-do" is getting longer every day. What about yours?  :-)

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